Why is Fundraising so important to us?

Our mission at Jersey Cheshire Home is to enhance the lives of disabled islanders. We could not fulfil that mission without the support of generous islanders.

It costs £8,200 a day to operate our home, income from the services we offer covers 80% of our costs meaning we run at a deficit of £2,043 a day! Put simply as a charity our survival is determined by the volume of grants, donations, or fundraising events held on an annual basis.

This deficit is not a sustainable position to be in and we are working hard to ensure we are financially self-sufficient. It may possibly come as a surprise, but Jersey Cheshire Home receives no direct funding from the  Government of Jersey.

All donations  to Jersey Cheshire Home are used locally to support the residents and the home. We make sure your giving counts to ensure our residents have the right to live the life of their choosing. 100% of your donation goes to supporting our disabled residents. We do not take one penny for granted.

We are aware that social connections can extend an individual’s lifespan, can boost immune, cardiovascular, and neuroendocrine systems. When you have a positive social interaction, your body releases the hormone oxytocin, which lowers anxiety, improves focus and concentration, and makes you feel good. Donations we received in 2021 have gone towards the following:

Enhancing daily purpose:  We ensure that we offer our residents a purpose each day even if that means going to aqua therapy or having physiotherapy, being supported by our occupational therapist, or getting out of bed, getting dressed and going for dinner.

Enhancing emotional support and socialising: We held twelve themed events with live music, and a three-course meal. During these events the dining room is decorated, and the residents also dress up. These events provide the residents with something to look forward to and are really good fun. We also purchased a karaoke machine, BBQ products, Birthday and Christmas gifts for residents from the donations.

Projects: Residents with limited or no financial resources, we redecorated their bedrooms, provided them with a smart TV and room decoration (curtains, bedding, specialist chairs etc) all to their taste and style.

Specialist equipment: We purchased a new pump for the pool, air cooling systems, and sensory equipment.

We also use donations to contribute towards much needed therapies, enhancing equipment, our facilities, infrastructure, and to cover a small proportion of our operating costs.

Jersey Cheshire Home delivers an invaluable service to the Island. One day anyone of us may need the services of Jersey Cheshire Home, we may have an accident, suffer a brain injury, or develop an incurable disease. Any act of generosity, monthly giving, a one-off donation, a bequest, sponsoring an event all helps Jersey Cheshire Home to fulfil our mission, making sure we support each resident in having a future after a disability. We make sure that our residents feel loved, safe, supported and that they can remain on island due to the specialist care we provide.

We have a number of campaigns running this year to enhance the quality of our Home which will have a direct impact on our resident’s mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. For more information on this and to support us please check out our website www.jch.je.

Why is Fundraising so important to us?